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Section 12 Site Alteration Permit Assistance

The Heritage Conservation Act (HCA) protects archaeological sites but also allows for their alteration under a Section 12 Site Alteration Permit. These permits are granted to a developer under the authority of the Archaeology Branch, and are only issued when such circumstances arise whereby a development may not proceed otherwise, for safety or operational reasons. The developer may apply to the Archaeology Branch for a Section 12 permit, and must demonstrate in their application all required information and documentation as set forth in the guidelines. Assistance by a qualified archaeologist is often desired to ensure completeness of the application and to assist with any special requests by the Branch for changes or edits. These applications are forwarded to each affected First Nation and are given a minimum 30 day review period to respond regarding any opposition to the Alterations, or to request that the sites or remains be handled in a specific fashion that may relate to their traditions and customs.

Section 12 alterations sometimes require additional mitigative work and/or archaeological monitoring, which must be performed by a qualified archaeologist, such as excavation of a site, dendrochronology, and/or collection and curation of the remains/artifacts.

Once your project is complete, we will assist you with the preparation and submission of the required Section 12 Final Report, updated site forms and shapefiles for your project. We will liaise with the Archaeology Branch and First Nations for you, so all you have to worry about is your development project.

Please contact us if you require Section 12 permitting assistance.