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Full suite heritage firm


Terrestrial archaeology

Archaeological impact assessments (AIA - S14); site mitigation and monitoring (SAP - S12); field inventories; Chance Find Management Plans; historical archaeology; preliminary field reconnaissance (PFR)

Marine archaeology

Waterfront property assessment; shoreline erosion and seawall construction; inter-tidal and shoreline remediation; aqua culture development; port, harbour, bridge, and tunnel infrastructure development and repair; sub-aquatic pipeline and cable installation; oil and gas exploration; dock and wharf replacement and construction; learn more

Research and laboratory analysis; litigation support

Archaeological overview assessments, marine archaeological overview assessments, archaeological management plans; lithics analysis; faunal analysis; dendrochronology; osteological analysis; historical and archival research; ethnographic research

Indigenous landscape use

Traditional use studies; traditional ecological knowledge; historic, ethnographic, and archival research; land use plans

Heritage permitting and policy

Heritage policies and protocols for First Nations, industry, and all levels of government; heritage capacity building

Education and training

Heritage Conservation Act for realtors and property owners; RISC (Resource Information Standards Committee) Culturally Modified Tree and Archaeological Inventory for Crew Members provincial certification; Introduction to BC Archaeology; CMT survey; dendrochronology; archaeology and wildfire; BC site forms; custom courses; learn more

Marine and underwater archaeology brochure

Marine_Underwater Archaeology_draft poster (pdf)


FAQs for realtors and property owners

Real Estate flyer 2014 (pdf)